Digital Vouchers

Also known as an e-gift, or virtual gift card, an e-voucher is an electronic voucher, that is typically delivered to a customer via SMS or email, often with a personalised and branded message. E-vouchers can be redeemed either online using a specific code, or in store.

For a long time, vouchers are a well-known and effective strategy for acquiring and retaining customers. Vouchers are usually distributed in fast food businesses, supermarkets, and are printed. However, in today's modern era, this strategy is quite doubtful due to the large amount of paper waste and the risk of printing too much (or too little). In addition, the use of vouchers is difficult to monitor.

Fortunately, in today's digital era, businesses can easily send and monitor vouchers digitally without facing the problems above. The good news is that the voucher method can be applied to any scale of business, whether it's a new business looking to get new customers or a senior business looking to retain loyal customers.

Here are some examples of shopping vouchers according to the category of merchants who often issue them:

1. Retail Retail merchants usually include minimarkets or supermarkets. The shopping vouchers issued by them can be used to buy various daily, weekly, and even monthly needs. Examples of retail shopping vouchers are Indomaret shopping vouchers, Alfamart shopping vouchers, and others.

2. Fashion Fashion category merchants issue shopping vouchers for transactions to buy clothes, skin care, and other fashion products. This shopping voucher is useful for controlling the budget so as to avoid overspending. Examples of fashion shopping vouchers are Sodexo shopping vouchers, MAP shopping vouchers, and others.

3. Hospitality Services Vouchers in this category cover transportation transactions. Examples of hospitality services shopping vouchers are Grab Transport vouchers and others.

4. Food & Beverages Vouchers in this category include food and beverage purchases. For this category, there is usually a minimum purchase description to use a shopping voucher. Examples of these shopping vouchers are KFC vouchers, McDonalds vouchers, and others.