Partner Relationship Management

Our Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solutions include assisting clients define their channel strategies, develop blueprints of action plans and move right through all the phases of channel acquisition, certification and on to motivation and development. Our overall objective, in this area of specialization, is not just to help our clients in boosting sales in the short-term, but also to lay the foundation for long-term gains.

The focus of our Partner Relationship Management (PRM) programs includes: Creation of a two-way channel for the exchange of value-added information between the clients and their vendors – this is achieved through a combination of offline and online modes. Our proprietary technical platform provides the means to achieve the same. Gaining an understanding of the business objectives of the vendors and partners and placing them in the context of the objectives of the clients – and thereafter developing blueprints for action.

Some Key Deliverables for Partner Relationship Management Programs
1. Channel strategy design and blue print
2. Multi layered channel loyalty program (partners, extended sales force)
3. Channel MIS generation programs and technology
4. MDF & co-op funds management
5. Sales and Marketing promotions
6. Channel Certification program design and implementation
7. Channel acquisition
8. Sales agent programs